Your Gift Is Your Purpose


How long have you been living on earth? After so many candles you blew on your birthday, have you finally know the reason why you are here?

“You came to this earth because there is something the earth needed that God hid in you”.

– Dr. Myles Munroe

As a child, we always loved to ask questions to our parents until they stop answering or ask us to do something else. When they do that, we divert our attention to other things that we like doing, like playing an instrument, being the best chef in your plastic kitchen station, or just riding a bicycle free-hand. As a kid, we know what we love doing, but we don’t know how the world would be so demanding with its criteria on how a person should be. We lose sight of what we are meant to be.

As we age, we just go along with life observing other people. We see a successful singer and a part of us want to become a singer. We see a cool guitarist and suddenly we also want to become one. With so many things that we can do in life, we tend to forget our gift- most of us don’t even know what it is. The gift that was given to us the day we were born.

That gift is your purpose.

“Whatever you were created to become you possess it now. Whatever you are born to do, it is not ahead of you. It is within you.”

-Dr. Myles Munroe

God made sure that your gift will always be with you and you don’t have to look somewhere else. You only have to know what it is so you can refine it.

Now, what is your gift?

The gift is the thing you do at absolute best with the least amount of effort.

Don’t be mistaken that all gifts are related to entertainment or art and anything that we constantly see in social media. Each gift is unique. It can be as subtle as being able to convince other people with your words or being organized even to the tiniest detail. Not all gifts are for showmanship, but your gift is what you should be doing. If you can access to your gift, you can have your value. You can be the best salesperson in your company with your gift of being able to convince others.

“People are not looking for you, they are looking at what you are carrying – your gift. The gift is the source of your value; your value is given by the gift.”

– Dr. Myles Munroe

I know that we have responsibilities and we can’t just walk out of our daily job that provides bread and butter to our families. But if the morning doesn’t excite you and you feel like you are stuck every day and years just pass you by without any highlight, isn’t it a waste of your greatness? Stop something you are not gifted at. Don’t waste your time building a life you are not happy.

“I would hate to die and never do the thing I was born to do.”

When you are not happy with your everyday life, it is because you are not doing what you are meant to be doing. Be discontented and change it. Only you can do it, no one else. Be angry about it. As Dr. Myles Munroe said: Discontent is the seed of change.

  • You will never change what you tolerate
  • You will never become what you could be until you become angry with what you are
  • Anger brings change
  • Your life is defined by what you hate. Whatever you don’t hate, you allow. Whatever you allow you won’t change.

It is human nature not to be content. We are made to live and become great and serve our gifts to others.

You know that you are serving your gift when you can produce more seeds. Your gift is fully used when you can share it with others. You should be mentoring people all the time to become greater than you. You must help them become great.

“Whatever stops you is how strong you are. Never hold back. Give everything you’ve got. And when you fall throughout life, remember this: fail forward.

Following your gift may cause you everything.  But nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks.


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